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User Experience Consulting

We research the user's experience of your software product, such as web sites and systems, online shops, administrative software, mobile applications, electronic kiosks, etc.

  • Expert Analisys
    We perform a deep visual and functional analysis of the interfaces of your product to identify their usability problems.
  • Usability testing
    We analyze quantitative (measurements) and qualitatively (emotions) the use that people make of your software, interview them and identify the problems and deficiencies in the design.
  • Integral Analysis and Results
    The data and insights are analyzed and we create a report of findings, recommendations and corrective mockups. This report is presented at a meeting with the design and development team and the product leaders.


We can measure and comprehend the experience that your users experiment to improve the conversion rate and the efficiency of your ERP, online store, mobile application, digital kiosk or any other software product.
We have the following options:

Basic start-up packages

Plan A: Plan B: Plan C:
Number of screens: Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 15
Tests with users: Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 20
Time: 1 week 1-2 weeks 3 weeks
Plan A:
# of screens: Up to 5
# of test with users: Up to 5
Time: 1 week
Plan B:
# of screens: Up to 10
# of test with users: Up to 10
Time: 1-2 weeks
Plan C:
# of screens: Up to 15
# of test with users: Up to 20
Time: 3 weeks

Customized Analisys for the needs of your product

Software Development

We design and develop web sites and web apps, online shops, administrative software and mobile applications. All our developments have a high level of User Experience from its essentials.

User Experience Training

We create customized User Experience workshops for each company's development and design teams, changing their approach and understanding of interactive and UI design.
Minimum attendance: 5
Time: approx 18 hours


We analyze the effect that your communication and advertising products (banners, ads, posters, etc.) have on the mind of their viewers, improving their effectiveness in marketing.

Our Clients

Our Team

Ruben Valencia, Ph.D.
CEO and research director.
Ing. David Heredia
Tech director.
Lic. Pablo Villa
Design director.
Lic. Karina Montes
Visual Artist.
Tgo. Emmanuel Fernandez
Tgo. Viviana Mireles

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It will be our pleasure to have a cup of chocolate with you to talk about how we can be of help you.

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